Treasurer: Samuel Torpy | SGA Fiscal Technician: Trish McGregor

The Student Finance Committee (SFC) meets on Thursdays at 4:00 pm in Upchurch 301. 
The Student Government Association provides funding to many different student organizations for multiple purposes. Organizations may request funds throughout the year at weekly SFC meetings. Organizations may also request budgets for the following academic year in the Spring semester.  All allocations must adhere to the SFC Bylaws. Please review the SFC Bylaws before making allocation, payment, or budget requests.


How to request funding for your organization

  1. Review the SFC Bylaws to ensure SGA is able to provide funding for your request.

  2. Fill out the General Funding Request Form for general payment requests. Fill out the Conference Funding Request Form for payments regarding conferences and travel.

  3. Email the SGA Treasurer the appropriate form and ask to be added to the agenda for the next SFC meeting (held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in the SGA Executive Board Room in the Upchurch University Center, room 301). Requests must be sent in, in advance (before 6:00 pm on Wednesday).

  4. Bring 3 copies of your form and all supporting documents (map quest directions and maps, invoices, price estimates, etc.) to the SFC meeting. Be prepared to present your request and answer any questions the committee may have.

  5. If the funding is approved at SFC, the request and proper paperwork will be passed along to the SGA Fiscal Technician in order to be processed. Payment Packets consisting of the Banner Payment Request Form and either an invoice or receipt must be submitted in order to access funds. Please contact the SGA Office if you have any questions or for further instructions.

Please note, the Student Finance Committee will not fund the following:

  • Scholarships;

  • Work student programs;

  • Gifts over $25;

  • Direct philanthropic or financial contributions to any enterprise;

  • Alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, and all tobacco products including e-cigareetes and vapes;

  • Awards;

  • Organization with either of less members;

  • Political or religious conventions and/or events;

  • Activities which are considered to be part of a student's normal expenses for attaining credit towards a degree;

  • Expenditures which should normally be funded by state appropriated tax dollars;

  • Travel where academic credit is given;

  • If an organization has already made a commitment before funds are allocated;

  • T-shirts by any means other than a uniform (see Section VII of the SFC Bylaws)

  • Late fees due to a lack of judgement on the organization

  • Decorations for booths at both Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend or activities that are designated as an organization function;

  • Professor involvement: unless they are presenting or speaking at an event;

  • DJ's outside of WMLU unless they cannot accommodate the organization's needs;

  • Food (unless it is being used for education programming or to be allocated at the discretion of the committee);

  • Any and all goods and services related to the initiation or induction of new or honorary members of any RSO; or

  • Conferences where students are explicitly seeking employment, jobs, or internships.