Student Organization Accounts & Finances

Below are some resources from the Student Government Association that will be useful in your use of student organization agency accounts.

Agency accounts are like on-campus bank accounts that are created and safeguarded by the University and its team of financial professionals. Agency accounts differ from SGA accounts in that you can place dues, donations, and fundraising money in your agency account while your SGA account is only used to hold SGA allocated funds. 

There are three resources which you can access by clicking the boxes below the resources descriptions:

  1. Student Organization Agency Account FAQ: provides helpful tips, University guidelines, and procures for creating, using, and maintaining agency accounts.
  2. Student Organization Agency Account Request: this form should be used if you, your organization leadership, and your organization wish to open an agency account.
  3. Student Activity Fee & Agency Signature Authorization Form: this form should be filled out each year, and when filled out, gives authorization to all of those listed to spend money out of either the SGA and/or agency accounts.