SGA Committees

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)          

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) shall act as the liaison between the SGA and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. The AAC shall work with the Vice-President for Academic Affairs to promote academic affairs. The AAC shall have the power to enact programs concerning academic affairs, with the consent of the Student Senate. The committee chair shall also be the student representative to the faculty senate.

Civic Engagement Committee (CEC)


Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC)        

The Legislative Affairs Committee shall increase campus awareness of state and national issues with special regard to national, state, and local elections, financial aid concerns, and other matters of legislative interest to Longwood University students. This committee shall work with Virginia21 on student initiatives in higher education and at the state legislature. All programs and actions taken by the Legislative Affairs Committee are subject to the approval of the Student Senate.


Student Services Committee (SSC)          

The Student Services and Physical Environment Committee shall be responsible for insuring that student services fulfill their obligations to the student body. These services will include, but not be limited to, the Registrar, Cashiering and Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Dining Services, and Library Services. This committee will also promote and increase awareness of student rights and defend these rights to their utmost abilities. In addition, this committee will gather information regarding matters affecting the Longwood community that which the Student Senate feels has not been adequately addressed by the Longwood University Administration, Faculty, Staff, and/or previous administrations of the Student Government Association. This committee shall also be responsible for improving the general interior of Longwood University's campus. This shall include, but not be limited to issues of lighting, safety, security, access, beautification, and parking.


Recruitment and Elections Committee (REC)          

The Recruitment and Elections Committee (REC) shall execute all SGA elections. The REC shall be responsible for holding SGA Open Houses, holding election meetings, creating elections, creating ballots and confirming candidates’ eligibility to run for office. The membership of the REC shall consist of one (1) member of the Honor Board, one (1) member of the Conduct Board, and one (1) member of the Student Senate and chaired by one (1) member of the Executive Council.


Publicity, Social, and Spirit Committee (PSSC)        

The Publicity, Social, & Spirit Committee shall be responsible for publicizing Executive Council meetings, SGA Senate meetings, elections, SGA functions, issuers, meeting spaces, and the Mission of SGA as stated in Article I, Section 2 of this Constitution, in an appropriate and timely manner. The committee shall also plan all SGA social events, including but not limited to the End of Year banquet and spirit events whereby the Senate may promote the campus unity and Longwood pride. This committee shall be chaired by the Webmaster and/or the Press Secretary. The committee shall have a line item in the SGA budget as requested by the committee chair.


Historian Committee          

The Historian Committee will be chaired by the SGA Historian and consist of four other senators. Through this committee, clubs/organizations will work with the SGA Historian and their appointed senator to edit any errors or formatting issues that their constitution may have.