Club & Organization Budgets

Each Spring, the Student Government Association holds special business sessions where we approve the budget proposals for the next fiscal year. Clubs and organizations may submit budgets via Lancer Link using the below instructions, links, and forms.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the SGA Treasurer, Emily Moran by email at

Additionally, if you have any further questions or need help filling out the worksheet, you may reach out to Trish McGregor, the SGA Fiscal Technician and Administrative Assistant at or 434-395-2265.


Spring 2018 Budget Sessions

Please read this important information:

  • ALL budgets must be submitted via the Google Form called "2018- 2019 SGA Budget Packet."
  • ALL budgets MUST be submitted by 11:59pm on March 2nd, 2018. Any budget not submitted by 11:59 on March 2nd will NOT be considered- NO exceptions.
  • ALL budgets have to be completed in the Budget Packet Template attachment found below. Any budgets not completed in that worksheet, will not be considered.
  • Once organizations submit their budget and it has been reviewed by the SGA Executive Treasurer, organizations will be assigned a time slot and the organization's President and/or Treasurer will need to be present to present their proposed budget.
  • Budget Presentation Sessions will be held on Sunday, March 18th from 11:00am until 5:00pm and Saturday, March 24th from 12noon until 5:00pm and your appointment will be based on your organization's tier. Organizations will receive information before 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 13th with their assigned time and date, via email from Emily Moran, the SGA Executive Treasurer.

Budgets Process & Timeline:

  1. Start having a conversation with your organization and its leadership about what you feel you will need in the coming school year. Assess your wants and needs based off your past year's activities and successes and think about what is going to best benefit your members and the Longwood community.
  2. Download the Budget Packet Template below. Save and name the excel spreadsheet using your organization's name and then the word "budget." For example "SGABudget" for SGA or "LancerProductionsBudget" for Lancer Productions.
  3. Once you download the template, open it up and fill in your organization's name and tier. If you aren't sure what tier your organization is assigned to, please reference the document below.
  4. Once you have filled in your information, you can start creating line items which detail your requests. Make sure to fill out every column for each line item. The column descriptions are below for reference. 
    • Budget Code: the key is found to the right of the spreadsheet. If an applicable code does not exist, leave the spot blank.
    • Title: the title is the request name, for instance, if it is an event just put the event name or if its is a conference, put the conference name. 
    • Total: the total for each item you are requesting should go in the "total" column.
    • Detailed Description: Give a short summary or description of the request.
  5. Save your spreadsheet and make sure it is named properly using the guidelines above.
  6. Access you email and find the original email from SGA Executive Treasurer, Emily Moran, and click the link for the Google Form. That form can also be accessed here:
  7. Once there, complete the form by filling in your organization's name, your President and Treasurer's names and contact information, your organization's assigned tier, and the required questions. In addition, you will be asked to upload your Budget Packet Template. Please make sure it is saved and named properly, and then upload it accordingly.

Quick Notes:

  • If you are having problems filling out the spreadsheet, see the example below which you can access by clicking the "Example Budget" block. 
  • Please request items in accordance with SFC Bylaws which can be found under the Student Finance Committee section of this website or below. Any items your organization requests that do not meet SFC bylaws and guidelines, will not be allocated or funded. These items include: food, alcohol, drugs, gifts over $25, and much more.